Lilla Tavernan

The Greek restaurant Lilla Tavernan is situated in a very central part of Gothenburg city called Linné. You can easily take a tram, bus or taxi from almost anywhere in the city and within just a few minutes you will have arrived at Lilla Tavernan. The restaurant is owned and run by the Greek family Giannakenas which are very welcoming and excellent cooks.

Greek restaurant Lilla Tavernan in Gothenburg

They serve all the classic Greek dishes like Souvlaki, Moussaka, Greek salad with real authentic Greek feta cheese and of course Tzatziki! If you want you can accompany your meal with a bottle of Mythos which the restaurant imports straight from Greece. Mythos is one of the most popular beers from Greece and we can highly recommend it for a warm summer day!

The menu consists of all the classic Greek dishes plus a lot of other less known dishes but which tastes as good as the classics if not better. Appetizers are priced between 40 – 90 SEK and a main course averages about 120 SEK. We recommend you try the share platter as an appetizer which you easily can share on 2 – 3 people.

If you have enough room for dessert then we recommend you try one of their classic Greek desserts. The desserts are priced between 55 – 65 SEK. Lilla Tavernan is a restaurant which we at Gothenburg Guide have had the pleasure to visit several times and everytime the food as well as the service has been excellent. We at Gothenburg Guide can’t do anything but highly recommend a visit to Lilla Tavernan if you are craving real authentic Greek food.

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